A Helpful Guide: How to Clean Your Hand-woven Rug

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Most hand-woven rugs are made of wool, which attracts grime and dust in its intertwined fibers. Regular cleaning of the carpet helps it to maintain its shine and also increase its lifespan. However, the cleaning should be done in the right way to prevent destroying the wools and the entire rug. While vacuuming can be done twice a month, the cleaning should depend on the carpet’s traffic, location, and how careful you are with the rug. It is also essential to get a professional cleaner to handle your rug at least twice a year to give it a thorough cleaning. How can you clean it at home? Here are some ways.

1. Vacuum it

A vacuum cleaning is the most used procedure for cleaning hand-woven rugs at home. It would be best to clean it on a V-action at least thrice. This alternating vacuum direction helps to remove all the dirty while preserving the fibers. You have to ensure the vacuum is placed at a considerable height to avoid shrinkage and be done at least twice a month. Why do it twice a month? According to experts from Turkish kilim rug cleaning, the reason for this is that overdoing it might damage the wools and will lessen its lifespan. You have to vacuum it at all sides to ensure you remove every dirty trapped in the fibers. You should ensure your vacuum suction is adjustable, doesn’t have a beater bar, and has a handled brush on.

2. Shaking your rug out

Shaking is also an efficient way of cleaning your hand-woven rug. This is an easy and the cheapest method which works best when you have smaller pieces of these rugs and if the dirty hasn’t stuck in. You only have to take the rug outside and shake it vigorously to remove all the dirt particles. If having an enormous carpet, it’s advisable getting someone to help you shake it. You can shake the rug, leave it in the sun, and repeat the process two to three times to make the process effective.

3. Give your rug a beating

This traditional method of cleaning the rug is still useful if carried on well. You only need to take your rug outside, put it on a clothesline or hanging pole, and beat it severally using a rug beater or a smooth medium stick. Although the method is tedious, it helps remove dirty particles from your hand-woven rug and make it look clean without a professional cleaner. Ensure the rug beater doesn’t have sharp edges or spikes to avoid damaging your carpet.

4. Snow dusting

You only do this when leaving in colder areas where cleaning and drying the rug becomes hectic. It involves taking your rug outside in the dry snow. How does it work? The theory is that the dry snow sucks off and absorbs the dirty particles in the rug, leaving it clean. You have to ensure the snow is dry and on the ground and that it doesn’t wet your rug. Put some snow on the entire rug, beat it, and flip it over while shaking the rug. After repeating the process two to three times, you will notice your rug coming out clean.

Other methods you can use in cleaning your hand-woven rugs are steam cleaning, rotating the rug to several positions, spot cleaning the dirty as it happens, and much more. At least twice a year, you can call a professional cleaner to carry the rug’s general cleaning to ensure it’s spotlessly clean.

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