7 Things To Know Before You Buy New Subaru Outback

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7 Things To Know Before You Buy New Subaru Outback

The Outback is the flagship model here in the U.S. and is the brand’s best-selling all-wheel-drive vehicle in the stable. It’s coming with a number of new features for customers who have waited for the all-new sixth-generation SUV/Crossover. Here are seven new upgrades you don’t want to miss.

Fuel less

You won’t have to stop at the gas pump as often with the new 2020 Outback. Both engines have improved fuel-efficiency. The 2.5-liter engine has been upgraded featuring 90 percent new parts as well as direct injection and auto stop/start. It gets a manufacturer-estimated 26/33 mpg city/highway, which is one mpg better than the 25/32 mpg of the previous engine. The new 2.4-liter turbo Boxer sees an even bigger improvement. The turbo engine is rated 23/30 mpg, up from 20/27 mpg with the old 3.6R flat-six. Read our comparison of the new 2.4-Liter turbo vs. the naturally aspirated 3.6R engine here.

Ride it

Outback rides on the new Subaru Global Platform which is 70 percent stiffer in both torsional and front-suspension rigidity, and it’s twice as stiff in front lateral flexural and rear subframe rigidity compared to the old architecture. The new platform promises better ride quality, sharper handling, a quieter cabin, and improved safety.

Safety away

All new 2020 Outback trims come standard with the Japanese automaker’s EyeSight driver assist system. This driver suite of safety features includes adaptive cruise control with a lane centering feature, reverse automatic braking, blind-spot detection with lane change assist and rear cross-traffic alert, and EyeSight Assist Monitor with a head-up display.

Outback also comes with an available active safety feature called DriverFocus that is designed to prevent distracted driving. The safety system will give the driver “feedback” and let you know if you are doing any potentially harmful things while behind the wheel. It’s like having a buddy in the car to keep an eye on you and give you a little nudge when you need it.


Hands-free lift gates are the new thing, and the new Outback requires just an elbow close to the big logo in the center of the liftgate to make life easier when loading cargo. It also comes with a new single-touch lifting cargo cover. The new model also comes with new larger roof rails with integrated and retractable cross bars and tie-downs.

Heated bum

You can’t go without heated seats and steering wheel if you live in a cold climate. Outback offers more pampering with the heated front seats (and rear in some trim levels) now offering three levels of warmth along with more coverage for your back. The top Touring trim level also has a heated steering wheel as well as ventilated front seats for summer.

Outback grows

It wouldn’t be a better version if it didn’t get bigger in most areas. For 2020, Outback measures 191.3 inches long, 66.1 inches tall, and 73 inches wide. That represents a growth of 1.4 inches in length over its predecessor. Width has increased by 0.6 inches, but the height stays the same. At 108.1 inches, the wheelbase is also unchanged. Front track width remains the same at 61.8 inches, but rear track increases 0.6 inches to 62.8 inches. Front overhang increases by just 0.1 inches, though rear overhang grows by 1.4 inches.

Cargo volume comes in at 75.7 cubic feet with the seats up, and increase from 73.3 cubes. The lift-over height, or the height you have to lift an item to get it into the back of the vehicle, has increased half an inch.

Passengers will find more space in the rear. Legroom has increased by 1.4 inches, and headroom has gone up 0.2 inches. Overall passenger volume has increased 0.9 cubic feet on models without the moonroof, and 1.1 cubic feet on models with the moonroof. Front headroom has decreased 0.7 inches on models without the moonroof, and 0.6 inches on models with the moonroof.

Tow up

For 2020, the Outback also gets increased towing capacity. The sixth-generation SUV now comes with a 3,500-lb tow rating, an increase from the previous generation’s 2,700-lb. rating. The new SUV/Crossover gets a newly developed rear differential gear when equipped with the new 260-hp FA24 2.4-liter direct injection turbocharged Boxer engine. Subaru bumps up the towing capacity on the new 2020 Subaru Outback for those wanting to tow a bigger camper, a trailer for pulling dirt bikes, or a small boat.

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