5 Garden Ln, Londonderry, NH

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“But the BEST reason, and WHY it’s crowded: I switched from Shaws and save at least 30% on each trip.” in 9 reviews

“This particular store is conveniently located right off exit 4 on I-93 near Manchester.” in 3 reviews

“My boyfriend and I head over on a weekday after work and get dinner at the Market Kitchen, then do our shopping.” in 2 reviews

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  • 12/26/20223 check-ins

    Why can’t we have a Market Basket with a huge ass parking lot like this closer to my neck of the woods?

    Seriously, it’s like this parking lot was specially designed for introverts. See, they have this one section on the side of the building, complete with a marked pedestrian crossing leading right up to the entrance. Meaning….perfect expedited departure route for said introverts.
    If I can escape a crowded grocery store in mere seconds, they automatically get all the stars.
    All jokes aside though, the rest of the store is as you’d expect. Selections may vary and all that, but….one interesting thing I noticed; whilst there’s no fresh butcher counter, there is a fresh seafood counter. Not to worry though. The packaged meats are still Grade A quality.
    So, while I wouldn’t personally go out of my way just to visit this particular location, I’m here to tell the locals that it’s doing the Market Basket reputation justice. MB in Londonderry gets 5 Grade A packaged Delmonicos out of 5.

  • 9/18/2022

    Overheard a terribly racist conversation between a customer and the man at the pizza stand. Included sentences such as “those colored kids are coming to our country… etc” while I understand an employee can’t control what guests say, this man was completely engaged in the conversation and agreeing adding “they come to our country and take our resources back to where they come from” … mind you, this is referring to “colored kids” hurts me to even reiterate for this review.

    They felt safe having this conversation because I am white myself however that is far from okay in my book. I’m sure they would have been more hush hush if a person of color was near.
    I called the manager who seemed unconcerned, no apology for his staff or follow up if it was handled.
    2 stars because sushi staff is fantastic, always have great sushi and are polite. Glad they didn’t seem to hear the conversation going on to the left of them.

  • 7/21/2021

    I frequented this MB location while visiting home for about a month. After being spoiled by the Publix experience for several years, I had a hard time adjusting to the hustle and bustle of a busy store full of New Englanders. It took a couple of trips to learn the layout and find my staples.

    The low prices made it worth every trip! Great sales on hard seltzer variety packs and Downeast cider. Market Basket may not offer BOGO deals but many items were 2/$4 or 2/$6 -including gluten free foods.

  • 12/5/2021

    This store has an awesone Cafe. Crazy how delicious their subs are. The pizza isnt bad either. Tasty chicken wings too.

    This location is one of the best.

  • 4/27/2022

    Since the pandemic this location In Londonderry has gone way down hill. The prices of things from the cafe have jumped considerably. So haven’t many of the staples. The beef is so tough we can’t even chew it. Forget the pizzas from the cafe, I mean really forget them. They are under cooked, under sauced, and not worth the toppings. I used to get a bacon topped pizza and it had bacon on it, today I got one and it had a few bacon bits on it, it was dry and floppy with almost zero sauce. When I get my produce home I find much of it rotten and hidden from the eye. The baggers don’t even put our frozen things in the cold bag we bring in for that purpose. I am so disappointed. This has been getting worse for months.

  • 8/10/2018


    This cool supermarket has tons of parking.
    Plenty of friendly staff around.
    Tons of items to choose from in each department.
    They sell liquor here Along w hot food and flowers.
    We picked up a ton of reasonably priced goodies.
    If I am in the area I will definitely come back

  • 10/25/2021

    Stop here almost every morning. Market Basket has great pre-made salads in different sizes. They also have other prepared meals that are very good and reasonably priced.

    I noticed today how clean the restrooms are. To me, that’s an indication that they care about their customers.

  • 5/19/2021

    Simple put “more for your dollar” is their slogan that is right on. If you are on a budget this is a value shopping experience.

    Wish they would improve their produce and offer more organic

  • 2/21/2021

    I am very disappointed that they allow people in without wearing masks and they don’t have anyone checking at the door and watching capacity requirements. They are always out of stock and switching my favorite vegetarian and vegan options which is super frustrating but the staff are really great and cheap prices but I will not spend my money there anymore as they are not taking COVID seriously

  • 8/26/2021

    Discussed with that place there was 3 dogs in there! Told the manager and did nothing ! A grocery store is no place for dogs

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