380 ACP Ammunition by Hornady For Sale

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Posted On: 12/17/2020
By: Jake

A: Wow, Jake! I’m glad you’re safe and sound! You would want to thank Hornady for making the ammo that saved your life, but you deserve no small part of the credit, either.
To answer your question about the FBI test protocol, it considers penetration depths between 14” and 16” ideal. Our own test revealed that this ammo penetrates ballistic gel to an average depth of 13.5” (https://www.luckygunner.com/tadic_avp/product/preview/id/876#geltest). We used a Glock 42 which has a 3.25” barrel. Your own pistol’s barrel may have been longer, which would have given the ammo a higher muzzle velocity and accordingly deeper penetration.
A thin human’s chest may only be 10″ thick, so if your attacker was dressed in only a T-shirt the overpenetration makes sense – the FBI test protocol takes into account several barriers including thick fabric, wallboard, and even two sheets of 20 gauge steel. Of course there are always outliers when it comes to terminal ballistics as well. The 380 ACP is considered a bit on the weak side for what one would want for self-defense, but it’s kind of hard to dispute the efficacy of four bullets through the heart.

Posted On: 11/3/2019
By: Tom Hooker

A: Hi Tom. You are correct. Barrel length is very important. Our test guns for each caliber are listed on the opening page of our ammo testing. The .380 that Chris used is the .380 ACP: Glock 42, 3.25-inch barrel. Let me know if we can get you some self-defense/duty ammo on the way! Ross

Posted On: 2/14/2019
By: Marc

A: These are considered hollow points. They are legal for sale in New Jersey. The specifics of the Hollow Point situation in New Jersey please look into this link, and consult with a lawyer on your own. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/transport-hollowpoint.shtml

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