13 Fishing Partners with In-Depth Outdoors

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13 Fishing will be the exclusive rod and reel sponsor for all In-Depth Outdoors media beginning this 2022-2023 ice season.
The Midwest media powerhouse founded by James Holst is a diverse group of anglers, hunters, videographers, photographers, and writers from across the Upper Midwest. Each with their own area of expertise and their own story to tell. And tell it they do!

James began his fishing career as a fulltime fishing guide, spending more than 250 days a year on the water, coaching clients how to catch walleyes on the Upper Mississippi River and Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs. In 2000, he launched the In-Depth Outdoors Website, allowing him to share his knowledge with a broader audience.
In 2006, James began doing what many dream of, but few get the opportunity to do – host a fishing TV show. In-Depth Outdoors TV is now in its 17th season.
“The motivation for my involvement in the fishing industry – from my early days as a guide to my TV and internet fishing businesses of today – has been and always will be to share what I’ve learned with anyone that is interested,” says the In-Depth Outdoors TV host.

Robust Knowledge & Outstanding Education
“In-Depth Outdoors is a staple when it comes to fishing content in the ice-belt,” says 13 Fishing’s Marketing Director, Ben Alcocer.
“The organization’s robust knowledge of both fishing techniques and equipment combined with their outstanding ability to educate through high-quality content makes IDO one of a kind. I can safely speak for the entire 13 Fishing team when I tell you that we are beyond excited to work with James and the rest of the IDO crew on everything from product development to TV shows.”

Passion For The Outdoors
“The IDO Pro Staff will fish longer, hunt harder and go the extra mile to get the eye-popping photograph or once-in-a-lifetime video that you’ll find in our In-Depth Outdoors TV show and online in our magazine and reports.” say Holst.
“It is very clear to me that the 13 Fishing team has the same passion for the outdoors that exists on my team at IDO and that level of commitment comes through in the design and quality of their equipment. We are proud to partner with brands that not only appreciate what goes into chasing these trophy fish, but also live and breathe it as we do.”

In-Depth Outdoors season 17 kicks off on Bally Sports North and Bally Sports Wisconsin starting November 20th and runs for 26 weeks. Be sure to tune in Sunday mornings at 8:00 am CST or follow the action on IDO’s YouTubeChannel for full episodes and bonus content.

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