12″ Wide CHARCOAL/GRAY – PREMIUM Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

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12″ Wide CHARCOAL/GRAY – ‘Cuda Powersports 23oz PREMIUM Bunk Carpet

‘Cuda’s beautiful CHARCOAL bunk carpet is 23oz in weight and part of our PREMIUM line of marine bunk carpeting. Our Premium line is one of our most popular and is superior to the industries more common 16oz-20oz offerings. Other competitors offer a 1-3 year warranty, while our PREMIUM line comes with a 10-Year Replacement Warranty. We also offer this product in Black, Red, and Blue.

Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet (PREMIUM)

Carpet Install Kit Pictured is NOT Included in Purchase Price but Available for Separate Purchase. ‘Cuda’s Heavier 36oz FOREVER Bunk Carpet may be substituted for PREMIUM Carpet if at the time of Purchase our PREMIUM Carpet is out of stock.

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A Portion of Proceeds are Donated to WOUNDED WARRIOR, 1st RESPONDERS, and the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.

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